President of NZ Axemen's Assoc. calls for more financial support for international competitions

President of NZ Axemen's Assoc. calls for more financial support for international competitions

A seasoned competitor in timber sports and the President of Coast Buller Timber Sports and the New Zealand Axe Men and Development Team Tavis Terry joined REX host Dom George to delve into the fascinating world of timber sports and competitive wood chopping.

Terry shared his family's history in the sport and traced the origins of timber sports back to Tasmania in 1870. He also highlighted the current state of timber sports on New Zealand's South Island and discussed the recent trans-Tasman test match in Brisbane, noting the unique challenges posed by different types of wood and techniques. 

Terry switched gears to discuss the intricacies of competitive wood chopping, shedding light on the preferred wood types, the gruelling physical demands of the sport, and the camaraderie among competitors. 

"I'll be standing up on a block ready to go. You're always wishing the person well next year," he said, emphasising the strong sense of community within the sport. 

The conversation also touched on the financial side of Timber Sports, with Terry outlining the significant costs involved in hosting events and the crucial role of sponsors. He also noted the rising number of women participating in the sport and shared his excitement about his two sons following in his footsteps. 

Terry called for more professional help and financial support to grow the sport, especially on an international level. 

"We need to compete more with international levels," noting the rapid growth of timber sports in Europe and the US. 

He concluded by asserting his interest in continuing to work towards a brighter future for timber sports.

"We will put the effort in," Terry said.

Listen to the full chat between Travis Terry and Dominic George above.

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