Resilience in agriculture: Insights into NZ's wool industry & balancing farm life

Resilience in agriculture: Insights into NZ's wool industry & balancing farm life

Alongside his wife Nikita, Freddy Gane helps run Kaituna Ridges, a 220-acre sheep and beef farm just out of Havelock.

Gane joins REX host Dom Georg to discuss the challenges of maintaining a thriving farm, particularly in the face of major floods and the potential for dry seasons. He highlights the importance of preparing for these conditions and shares his own experiences in doing so. 

A significant portion of the episode focuses on the wool industry, with particular emphasis on the Romney and Merino breeds. Gane and George explore the theory that agriculture may have initially been developed for alcohol production, using their own Romney stud as an example of dual-purpose farming. 

The episode also sees the unveiling of Gane's own wool products, which are a blend of Romney and Merino wool, set to launch during International Wool Month. One of the major points discussed is the potential of the New Zealand wool industry in the US market. He stresses the importance of matching high-quality products with the right markets. 

"We need to be channelling [our resources] into the right markets," he says.

"They're there and they're willing to spend the money. We just need to get it there." 

Gane and George also discuss the resilience required to weather the unpredictable nature of farming, the potential of the wool industry in the US market, and the importance of balancing work and personal life. 

They conclude that while there are certainly challenges in the industry, there are also opportunities for success.

Listen to the full chat between Freddy Gane and Dominic George above.

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