Revolutionary Kiwi-made aircraft built with unique agricultural lineage

Revolutionary Kiwi-made aircraft built with unique agricultural lineage

The SuperPac 750 XL II new multi-million dollar aircraft designed by Kiwi aeronautical engineers and with a distinct New Zealand agricultural lineage is said to help governments and humanitarian organisations save lives during natural disasters and even fight the impact of climate change in some of the world's most inaccessible regions.

Stephen Burrows, the CEO of Aero NZ joined REX host Dom George to explain more about the new aircraft that boasts short-distance take-off and landing abilities, making it a perfect fit for utility and agricultural roles. 

"It's a very lightweight aircraft...It's very agile and it climbs incredibly well," he said.

"It can land in very short distances, take off in less than 200 metres, so ideal for utility roles as well as agricultural." 

He also added the aircraft's unique agricultural lineage, which is a product of New Zealand's rich history in the sector. The SuperPac aircraft has found applications in various fields, from extinguishing forest fires and controlling locust invasions to inducing rainfall and combating pollution. 

The aircraft has made significant contributions to humanitarian and aid efforts in 28 countries. 

"The feedback we get from the operators every day [is] that the aircraft's operating, it's making a difference and it's saving lives." 

Additionally, the aircraft can be adapted for roles such as border patrol and maritime surveillance. 

"It has a cargo pod that goes under the aircraft...Inside the pod you can fit an ISR camera or a search and rescue camera which enables eyeballs on the ground to do things like border patrol, also for fishing boats and people's feet to sea." 

Aero NZ CEO Stephen Burrows on the new SuperPac 750 XLII
The new multi-million dollar aircraft has been designed by Kiwi aeronautical engineers and with a distinct NZ agricultural lineage.
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Burrows also shared the heartwarming reception of the SuperPac at the Wings Over Wairarapa show and expressed his excitement for the future of Aero NZ. 

"We just displayed the aircraft at the Wings Overwire Rapper and we've got a huge, huge amount of support from the people at that AES show."

Listen to the full chat between Stephen Burrows and Dominic George above.

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