The Big Feed co-host Dave Letele speaks live from telethon fundraiser
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The Big Feed co-host Dave Letele speaks live from telethon fundraiser

Kiwi charity Meat the Need is holding its live rural telethon event, 'The Big Feed', to raise awareness and support for less fortunate Kiwis. They encourage Kiwis to donate money as well as mince and meals for families across the country.

Co-host Dave Letele joins REX host Dom George live from the event to dive into the highs and lows of the Big Feed Live Rural Talathon, an event filled with laughter and camaraderie but one that also highlights a serious issue - food insecurity. 

He talks about the comedic antics of Wayne Langford, who not only completed an obstacle course barefoot but also sported a full leotard. While these hilarious stories offer plenty of entertainment, the episode ultimately shifts focus to the sobering reality of food insecurity. 

Despite being known for its food production, a significant number of citizens struggle to access protein-rich food. 

The episode lauds organisations like Meat the Need for their relentless efforts to combat this issue, delivering over a million mints and milk meals to food banks across the nation. 

"We are living in a beautiful country, a food producer, a first world country, yet there's so many people that are going without," Letele said. 

"So it's amazing that there are...people...trying to ensure that we get this mint and the milk in the food parcels, because so many times the food banks just can't afford to buy expi-mints or milk powder."

Despite reports suggesting an improvement in childhood poverty, he told Dom, it is still a prevalent problem.

"The demand is out of control. We actually can't keep up. A lot of food banks up in Auckland are closing. We had the big one down here in Canterbury talking about closing, so it's very tough times for a lot of people." 

Letele also sheds light on his daily life, where he, along with his team, work tirelessly in their community gyms, feeding thousands of people and running employment programs. The episode oscillates between hilarious moments and crucial societal issues, providing a unique blend of entertainment and thought-provoking conversations. 

Listen to the full chat between Dave Letele and Dominic George above.

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