Tommi Gregory-Hunt's journey from Pitt Island to a leading livestock agent

Tommi Gregory-Hunt's journey from Pitt Island to a leading livestock agent

Tommi Gregory-Hunt was brought up on Pitt Island and is an 8th-generation Pitt Islander who found her way to the South Island for school and University but has spent time back on the Chathams, managing a farm and a shearing gang.

She is now a livestock agent for Hazletts; the only female stock agent on the books currently and joined REX host Dom George and speaks about her journey from being a young islander to becoming a university-educated livestock agent.

She shares her experience of growing up in a community where gender roles were not strictly defined and her journey as a female stock agent in a male-dominated industry. 

Gregory-Hunt talks about her future plans to take over her father's role as a livestock agent and her experience managing a shearing gang. 

"My role is just your normal livestock agent, mainly sheep and beef," she says.

"Then I'll head back to the Chathams and do it full time down there and take over from my dad."

Moreover, she also delves into her sporting experiences, including playing rugby and representing different regions. Gregory-Hunt reveals the story behind her name change, which she made at a young age to participate in activities traditionally reserved for boys. 

"At three, I decided I wanted to be a boy because boys got to go hunting, so I decided I was gonna change my name. 

"At three I changed it to Tommi and it's stuck for the last 27 years," she recalls. 

Her inspiring story showcases her determination and resilience in thriving in a predominantly male field. This podcast episode is a fascinating exploration of rural life, gender roles, and personal identity, as seen through the lens of a determined and dynamic woman.

Listen to the full chat between Tommi Gregory-Hunt and Dominic George above.

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