WeatherWatch CEO reveals new innovative alert system improving weather forecasting app

WeatherWatch CEO reveals new innovative alert system improving weather forecasting app

In this fascinating podcast episode, host Phil Duncan, from WeatherWatch, delves into the future of weather forecasting, discussing the revolutionary changes being implemented by his team. 

Duncan reveals how Weather Watch is shifting from lengthy written forecasts to interactive maps and models, leveraging technology to provide more efficient and accessible weather information. He further elaborates on their upcoming alerting app, which will allow users to receive personalised weather updates based on set criteria. 

"You set the criteria … I want to know when the temperature hits 20 degrees, I want to know when there's going to be more than three millimetres of rain," he explains.

The app is already successfully used by corporate clients, such as Vector, and its efficiency continues to improve through AI learning. The conversation moves into various intriguing topics, from unpredictable weather patterns to the importance of reading books in our fast-paced, short attention span environment. 

Duncan speaks about his love for flight simulators and their benefits in understanding geography and weather, 

"Flight simulator to me is like just sort of ticking off work, ticking off education, and ticking off fun all at the same time." 

Duncan and the host also reflect on the period of peace in human history from 1945 to the present day. Duncan expresses gratitude for the present, underlining the importance of striving for improvement, 

"As much as people get dark about things in the world, I always think, you know well, it's been a lot worse at other times and so hopefully you know still making the most of it and still trying to always do better." 

The new alerting app from Weather Watch promises to be a game-changer, making weather updates more personalised and accessible.

Listen to the full chat between Phil Duncan and Dominic George above.

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