Efficiency unleashed: How IoT trackers are changing asset management

Efficiency unleashed: How IoT trackers are changing asset management

Netspeed announced last year that they would be adding IoT trackers to their product range and they are now officially available! 

Shaye McKay from Netspeed joins REX host Dom George to discuss the transformative impact of IoT (internet of things) trackers on asset management. McKay illuminated how these devices leverage the 4G network to provide real-time location updates for a wide array of valuables ranging from beehives to boats. 

"So basically, the trackers... (are) just keeping an eye on those things that are important to you, important assets, farming equipment, boats, caravans," he explains.

"Basically it's just a wee device that uses the 4G network around the country to ping off the cell towers to give you an up-to-date location on where your assets are."

He highlighted the ease of installation and use, emphasising that "they just can screw on somewhere, or just sit somewhere nice on the asset in s safe place." 

Example of a Netspeed IoT tracker on a water tank Example of a Netspeed IoT tracker on a water tank // Image Supplied

The IoT trackers' seamless integration with a simple app that enables users to monitor their assets efficiently. 

"You can log in on there and track all your assets in one place, so nice and easy, simple one log in to see everything that you’ve got." 

This ease of access is crucial for optimising workflows and security, as McKay illustrated with examples of geo-fencing for theft prevention and fleet management for tracking employees' locations and work times. One of the more innovative uses of these trackers, as explained by McKay, involves agriculture. 

"...keeping track of bees and they didn't want to keep them in the check it manually. So came up with a solution to putting a weight sensor underneath the beehive so it sort of keeps track of you know how heavy the beehive is and, sends you an alert that wants to get to a certain level..." 

This application underscores the IoT trackers' potential to revolutionise even the most niche monitoring tasks, saving valuable time and effort. Furthermore, McKay discussed how these trackers could prevent common rural issues, such as air in water lines due to low tank levels, by sending timely alerts. The breadth of applications extends to monitoring gate closures, smoke detection in sheds, and fueling pad usage. 

When it comes to costs, McKay assured listeners that the investment is worthwhile, with devices priced at "around about $300" and a monthly maintenance fee of "$12.50." 

Netspeed is also offering a discount to anyone referring to this REX interview when purchasing an IoT valid until the end of February.*

*Mention you heard us talking about IoT Trackers on REX and we will take $50 off the device purchase.

For more information on IoT trackers or any other Netspeed products and/or services check out netspeed.net.nz.

Listen to the full chat between Shaye McKay and Dominic George above.

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