Embracing the agricultural spirit of New Zealand with Richard Loe

Embracing the agricultural spirit of New Zealand with Richard Loe

In the latest episode of the podcast, we dive into the heart of New Zealand's farming community with discussions ranging from the joys and challenges of agricultural life to the critical issue of fire prevention in rural areas. 

Carter's brand ambassador Richard Loe joins REX host Dom George to reflect on the contrasting weather patterns affecting the regions of Central Otago and Canterbury. 

They reminisce about the ideal summer days and express concern over the unpredictability of the weather, with Loe commenting, "a lot of them think they got the growth they needed," he says.

"But it's done the traditional Canterbury summer and dried off quite well." 

They address the serious threat of fires, sharing anecdotes and discussing how a simple act like mowing can spark a blaze. 

"You just got to keep your head about you, don't you?" highlighting the importance of being prepared and maintaining well-watered lawns and grazed pastures to mitigate fire risks. 

The conversation shifts to a light-hearted yet informative chat about the intricacies of sheep breeding. They laugh over the struggles of managing high-micron count sheep, a reference to the challenges of shearing crossbred sheep that aren't as profitable due to their wool quality. 

The episode also touches upon community events like Waimumu, where local culture shines through camaraderie and good-natured ribbing. 

"You still need to pay for me and check up on your insurance to see what sort of liability you've got," Loe adds, poking fun at the need to be prepared for any unexpected incidents. 

The pair also discuss the significance of tire maintenance, with a story about Carter's Tire Service's quick response to a horse truck's tire issue. This underlines the value of simple checks, like tire pressure, to avoid mishaps. 

As the episode concludes, there's a reflective moment marking the passage of time within the farming community, with a nod to those who have become integral parts of the industry. 

Listen to the full chat between Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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