Emily Walker: Championing leadership and innovation in NZ Agriculture

Emily Walker: Championing leadership and innovation in NZ Agriculture

In an enlightening conversation on the REX podcast, Emily Walker emerged as a beacon of leadership and ingenuity in the cross-section of engineering and agriculture. A qualified engineer and rural leader, Walker is a testament to the power of professional evolution and commitment to the growth of New Zealand's agricultural sector.

Her transformative experiences with the Agri Women's Development Trust Escalator program were a focal point of the discussion.

 "It was really special to meet those 13 other ladies on my course, but then also the wider alumni network," she says.

Her journey from engineering into agriculture has been fueled by a deep-seated passion for innovation and progress.

A critical topic addressed was the ongoing struggle with wilding pines, invasive species threatening central Otago's ecosystems. The fluctuation of government funding has placed immense pressure on conservation efforts, something Walker knows all too well. 

"It's heartbreaking to see not only our landscape getting littered with these pines but also the damage that they're doing in terms of water take."

This conversation with Emily Walker offers a glimpse into the tenacity and foresight needed to lead New Zealand's agricultural industry forward. Her dedication to fostering leadership and addressing environmental challenges stands as an inspiration for current and future generations seeking to make a tangible difference in the countryside.

Listen to the full chat between Emily Walker and Dominic George above.

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