A soaring ambition: Bruce Peterson's journey in agricultural aviation

A soaring ambition: Bruce Peterson's journey in agricultural aviation

Bruce Peterson has been involved with agriculture in many ways, from stock man, to pilot, to plane parts manufacturer. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Aerospread and also the Chair of the New Zealand Ag Aviation Association.

Despite his early departure from conventional education, Peterson's narrative demonstrates the potency of ambition.

"You can achieve anything in this world if you want to," he says, reflecting on his initial fascination with flying as a child observing crop-dusting planes. 

The episode delves into the advancements and challenges within the agricultural aviation industry. Peterson discusses the integration of drone technology in farming and the camaraderie that pervades a field known for its competitiveness. 

One particularly memorable instance from his journey occurred at a drone expo in Vegas, where an unexpected encounter with a committee member led to a realisation of overlapping efforts. 

"It's actually a bit dumb what we're doing here," Peterson remarked, highlighting the importance of collaboration in the industry. 

Moreover, the conversation touches upon regulatory issues faced by aviators, especially with local councils imposing impractical airstrip regulations. Peterson explains the efforts to educate council members to gain acceptance for aviation community needs, indicating slow but steady progress.

"We are making headway, but it's a full-on thing just to keep the activities permitted so that we can support our businesses and support our customers in the agricultural sector."

Peterson's story is not just about flying; it's also rich with personal anecdotes. His love for equine pursuits shines through as he talks about his boutique horse breeding operation and his daughter's equestrian victories. 

The multi-faceted nature of his life and career adds depth to the narrative, making the episode as heartwarming as it is informative. 

The podcast concludes with a hopeful note on the future of ag aviation and the ongoing battle with airstrip regulations, reinforcing the theme that passion, combined with continuous learning and adaptation, can lead to remarkable achievements. 

As Peterson's experience demonstrates, even when the path is fraught with obstacles, persistence and innovation can help one reach new heights.

Listen to the full chat between Bruce Peterson and Dominic George above.

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