Champion shearer Sir David Fagan on thrill of the Golden Shears + the heart of shearing sports

Champion shearer Sir David Fagan on thrill of the Golden Shears + the heart of shearing sports

The countdown is on to the 2024 Golden Shears competition in Masterton but before that, there are quite a few events coming up.

The legendary Sir David Fagan, a master of competitive shearing joins Dom George to delve into the vibrant world of shearing sports. 

The conversation orbits around the much-anticipated 2024 Golden Shears event, often likened to Wimbledon for its prestige within the shearing community. Sir David discusses the essence of preparation and competition, comparing the varying tactics of seasoned champions and ambitious newcomers in the shearing arena. 

Sir David, who carries the honorific "Sir" in recognition of his contributions to the sport, provides a deep dive into the current state of the industry, noting the regular competitions that keep rising talents such as Roland Smith in top form, as well as the importance of such events for elite athletes like Toa Henderson. 

"Roland's not as competing as much as he used to, but believe me, when the drums are beating he'll be there."

The conversation touches on the reliance of the New Zealand shearing industry on Northern Hemisphere talent and reflects on New Zealand's recent and rare setback at the world championships. 

"That's just a sign of how much better the world is getting," suggesting this to be a wake-up call rather than a sign of decline, setting the stage for more competitive future events. 

Sir David also comments on the season's outlook and the continued demand for shearers in New Zealand, despite the decline in sheep numbers. He provides an optimistic perspective, "There's still a huge amount of work and sheep that need shearing in New Zealand," reassuring the industry's robustness. 

The conversation culminates with Sir David highlighting the emotional weight of winning the Golden Shears, emphasising the legacy it creates for the victor. 

"You could win every competition, but if you don't win that, you won't be remembered."

Listeners are left with a vivid portrayal of shearing as not just a sport but a passion-driven pursuit that embodies the spirit of rural life and are invited to subscribe and follow the podcast for more insightful rural content.

Listen to the full chat between Sir David Fagan and Dominic George above.

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