Embracing Autumn: WeatherWatch CEO unpacks weather transitions + seasonal impacts

Embracing Autumn: WeatherWatch CEO unpacks weather transitions + seasonal impacts

As we head toward the end of February that technically means that summer is coming to an end. Although for many that likely signifies the end of the hot, dry season, WeatherWatch CEO Phil Duncan joins Dom George to further explain what Autumn might have in store for Aotearoa.

He delves into the emotional and meteorological changes that come with the end of summer, emphasising the popularity of autumn for its milder temperatures and conducive sleeping conditions. 

"Autumn is more popular... because at least the first half of autumn is a lot like summer, but without as much of the heat." 

The conversation also covers the impending El NiƱo and its gradual impact on New Zealand's weather patterns, particularly the dry spell affecting Central New Zealand and the North Island. Duncan highlights the patience required in awaiting the onset of this climate phenomenon, describing it as a "frustrating" wait for much-needed rain. 

A significant portion of the dialogue addresses the public's reactions to weather forecasts and the professional restraint required when dealing with complaints about the weather. 

Duncan shares anecdotes of irrational responses from individuals frustrated by forecasts that don't align with their desires, expressing his own challenges in maintaining diplomacy. 

"My biggest complaint about the complaints I get is that they're from adults... and it's so true." 

The pair also touch on the heightened fire risks associated with the current dry weather. The importance of vigilance is stressed, particularly for those using farm equipment that could inadvertently start fires. 

Duncan advises listeners to use tools available on the Fire and Emergency New Zealand website to stay informed about fire risks. 

In summary, the conversation with Phil Duncan offers a multifaceted look at the seasonal weather transition, the complexities of forecasting, and the human reactions to the ever-changing skies. 

The expertly woven discussion encapsulates the science of meteorology, the emotional connections people have to the weather, and the nuanced interplay between delivering weather news and managing audience expectations.

Listen to the full chat between Phil Duncan and Dominic George above.

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