Farewell to Innes Moffat: Celebrating a legacy + exploring new horizons in the Deer industry

Farewell to Innes Moffat: Celebrating a legacy + exploring new horizons in the Deer industry

After 18 years at Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ), and four years as Chief Executive, Innes Moffatt has resigned and is set to depart the organisation early next month.

The conversation delves into Moffat's influential career, which began on a South Otago farm and extended to shaping the global venison market. 

"New Zealand has the only large-scale farmed deer industry in the world and we produce some wonderful products," he reflects.

"So being able to promote our venison, being able to travel to some pretty exotic places around the world and represent an industry with such a good quality product was a real privilege." 

His work includes promoting programs like Advance Party and Next Generation, fostering collaboration within the deer farming community. He highlights the importance of such initiatives.

"It's that great willingness to share which created the success of the advance party program." 

The conversation also touches on Moffat's role in the Passion2Profit initiative, which has driven the industry to adapt to market demands and enhance profitability. 

"We've seen increased growth rates, increased carcass rates, we've seen farmers adopt farm environment plans... a testament to the success of that program," Moffat recounts, signifying the program's impact on improving the industry's market position. 

Shifting the focus to the North American elk market, Moffat and George explore its untapped potential. Moffat clarifies a common confusion between Elk and Wapiti, explaining, "Wapiti is the North American First Nation name for Elk." 

He notes the opportunities in niche sectors and the marketing efforts to establish New Zealand elk alongside venison products in North American retail spaces. 

The conversation concludes with a look to the future, expressing optimism for new leadership at DINZ and the announcement of a new chief executive expected by May 8th. Moffat reflects on his future plans with a light-hearted touch.

"I'll finish with Deer Industry New Zealand on the first of March and then my wife's taking me away on an island holiday for a week... then you will see me pop up somewhere else." 

This episode stands as a tribute to Innis Moffat's contributions to the deer industry and looks forward to the growth and innovation that will continue to shape the venison market globally.

Listen to the full chat between Innes Moffatt and Dominic George above.

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