Groundswell co-founder finds Govt short on promises as 100-day-plan deadline draws closer

Groundswell co-founder finds Govt short on promises as 100-day-plan deadline draws closer

Groundswell co-founder Bryce McKenzie joins Dom George to delve into the complexities of New Zealand's political environment, with a focus on the agricultural sector and the celebration of National Lamb Day. 

The conversation starts with an assessment of the New Zealand government's 100-day plan, which is nearing its completion. McKenzie expresses concerns over unfulfilled initiatives and the challenges in unwinding certain policies. 

A significant talking point is the delay of the methane tax to 2030 and the ongoing strife over the national policy statement on fresh water. 

"There's a number of things that aren't going to be completed by the hundred days... they didn't realise till they actually looked at what it was going to take to unwind some of these things, how big a job it was going to be," he says.

This illustrates the unforeseen complications in policy reformation. Furthermore, the conversation underscores the need for a united agricultural voice. Groundswell's activism is likened to farmer-led protests in Europe, showing a global resonance with their cause. 

"We always wanted to give one single voice for agriculture and we haven't achieved that, although we are working on it." 

This highlights the organisation's dedication to representing the farming community's interests. Todd McClay's role as an understanding figure of agriculture's significance to New Zealand's economy is also noted. 

"He understands the meaning of agriculture to New Zealand's economy, so he's very, very good at listening to what they've got to say," McKenzie explains.

The celebration of National Lamb Day is a lighter segment, bringing attention to the cultural significance of lamb in New Zealand. The hosts reminisce about the enjoyment of lamb chops and the comforting atmosphere of the fields, adding a personal touch to the conversation. 

Listen to the full chat between Bryce McKenzie and Dominic George above.

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