Harvesting delights and erecting dreams in New Zealand's heartland

Harvesting delights and erecting dreams in New Zealand's heartland

Southern Field Days at Waimumu was the event of the week last week and so it comes as no surprise that a good friend of REX and Carters brand ambassador Richard Loe was in attendance.

He catches up with Dom George to explore the cultural significance of National Lamb Day in New Zealand and the complexities of building a house in a rural setting. 

The conversation begins with Richard Loe discussing the essence of National Lamb Day, highlighting the event as an opportunity to celebrate the quality of local lamb and the farmers who produce it. 

Loe and George reminisce about the lamb dishes they've encountered, particularly noting a chef who uses local Southland wheat to make lamb tacos. The talk about food is both light-hearted and insightful, revealing the deeper connection between local produce and regional cuisine. 

For instance, Loe humorously interrogates the presence of lamb in dishes, "What are they providing? The taco or the lamb?" and points out the importance of using local ingredients.

"So there's the interesting part the taco is made from southland wheat. It's like flatbread, so it's local produce." 

Beyond the culinary celebrations, the episode delves into the struggles of farmers. Loe reflects on the volatility of farming incomes and the increasing operational costs that challenge the rural lifestyle. 

He draws an international comparison, mentioning how European farmers' protests have garnered significant public support and led to policy changes, whereas New Zealand farmers endure their battles more quietly. A poignant quote from the conversation illustrates the gravity of the farmers' plight. 

"So how many people out there, urban people, would take a 50% cut on their income to pay twice the interest?" 

Shifting gears, the conversation also examines the orchestration required in constructing a home in the countryside. The narrative outlines the necessary teamwork between architects, engineers, and builders, with Loe stating, "It's a team game. They've got [to] work together for the achievement of the goal." 

The importance of collaboration is emphasised, as is the goal of achieving a comfortable living space that meets the homeowners' needs. 

Through a blend of lighthearted banter and serious discussion, the podcast paints a vivid picture of the resilience and collaboration essential to rural living and development.

Listen to the full chat between Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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