The evolution of milking regimes + farming resilience

The evolution of milking regimes + farming resilience

Brent Boyce is a farm consultant with LIC FarmWise at the top of the southeast, based in Tasman. He also spent 18 months working in Uruguay for NZ Farming Systems. Now, somewhere along the way, he came up with a novel milking regime that's now pretty much become accepted and adopted across this country's dairy milking systems and abroad as well.

As well as being the creator of the transformative 10 and 7 milking regime, Boyce also offers a wealth of experience in tackling the unique challenges faced by the agricultural sector in New Zealand, especially under the strain of El Niño-induced dry conditions. 

He describes the critical importance of proactive stock management during droughts, the financial strain caused by increasing interest rates, and the stark contrasts in the success of dairy versus the struggles of sheep and beef industries. 

"This is a classic El Niño event... What we're seeing is in the traditional summer dry areas. They are summer dry," Brent explains, underscoring the urgency for early action against these adversities. 

The conversation also highlights the crucial role of farm consultants in fostering resilience within the farming community. Boyce stresses the value of 'ute yarns', the informal yet significant conversations held in the comfort of a familiar environment, which lead to better discussions around personal and financial challenges. 

These connections form the bedrock of support for farmers.

"You cannot leave a man out in the field by himself," Boyce says.

He further touches on the significance of providing a range of options for farmers, advocating for a coaching approach that encourages self-directed improvement. 

"Every farmer's different, has their own way... My job is to take their dreams and objectives and try and make it happen for them," he states, emphasising the bespoke nature of farm consultancy. 

The conversation also delves into the evolution of milking practices, discussing the impact of flexible milking schedules on animal welfare and farmer lifestyles. Reflecting on his international experience in Uruguay, Boyce highlights the importance of tailoring practices to local conditions, illustrating the dynamic and adaptive nature of modern dairy farming. 

As a fitting tribute to his milestone birthday, the conversation concludes with a personal touch, celebrating Boyce's contributions to dairy farming and the broader agricultural community. 

He shares his journey with humility and warmth, leaving listeners inspired by his dedication to innovation, community, and sustainability in agriculture.

Listen to the full chat between Brent Boyce and Dominic George above.

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