The Rock's Jay + Dunc reveal favourite lamb dish, the struggles of rural industries + more
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The Rock's Jay + Dunc reveal favourite lamb dish, the struggles of rural industries + more

Not only does the Southland Field Days event bring farmers from up and down Aotearoa it also brings some of New Zealand's most loved celebrities, including The Rock Drive radio hosts Jay Reeves and Duncan (Dunc) Heyde.

Known for their affable nature and storytelling prowess, the pair offers a vivid glimpse into the life and spirit of the South, including an unforgettable story involving a gin trap and a man's testicle. Beyond the laughs, the boys delve into the serious issues facing New Zealand's agricultural sector. 

They highlight the disconnect between urban policymakers and the realities of rural life, especially the stringent farming regulations that New Zealand farmers face in comparison to the lack of oversight in oceanic activities. 

Jay points out the discrepancy, "what's happening in our oceans has zero regulation, whereas the farmers, our food and fibre producers, get absolutely dragged across the coals and held to account." 

The conversation turns international as the pair discussed farming regulations in the EU and Canada, noting that without farmers, there is no food, and stressing the importance of agricultural producers both locally and worldwide. 

Jay and Dunc's passion for the rural community shone through as they spoke about advocacy.

"We're massive advocates for the rural sector and our food and fibre producers and we know that there is a disconnect between what happens in the big concrete jungle and what happens in the hills," Jay says.

"More often than not the calls that are getting made on what happens in the hills are by people in those concrete jungles that know nothing about what is out there."

National Lamb Day was also featured in the discussion, where they touch on its historical significance, dating back to 1882 with the pioneering refrigerated shipping of lamb. They share anecdotes about the first refrigerated shipment on the Dunedin, marvelling at the ship's fate and the captain's heroics to prevent the cargo from thawing. 

The pair also brings attention to the challenges facing wool producers, lamenting the costs and hardships associated with sheep farming. When asked about their preferred ways to enjoy lamb, Jay favours a slow-roasted shoulder, citing a local restaurant's dish, while Dunc enthuses about the simplicity of a quickly fried cutlet, likening it to a "little meat lollipop." 

The episode ends on a celebratory note for National Lamb Day, with Jay and Dunc appreciating the quality and innovation of New Zealand's farmers. The episode serves as a tribute to the rural community, its stories, and its significance to the nation's heritage and economy.

Listen to the full chat between Jay Reeve, Duncan Heyde and Dominic George above.

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