Unveiling the highlights of Wanaka's premier farming competition

Unveiling the highlights of Wanaka's premier farming competition

Just over a month out from the Wanaka A&P Show,  Livestock Secretary Fe Howie joins Dom George to dive into what makes this year's event particularly special, emphasising the fusion of tradition with cutting-edge developments in the agricultural sector. 

One of the key highlights Howie shares is the show's distinction as New Zealand's primary merino competition, a significant achievement that showcases the event's growth and prestige. She notes the excitement surrounding the hosting of the Woodchester Cup, a long-standing and prestigious competition involving merino sheep. 

"A really prestigious cup, long-standing, that has been done through Canterbury and we're now able to continue that tradition, which is very exciting," she explains

This exemplifies the show's commitment to honouring agricultural traditions while simultaneously driving them forward. The conversation also touches on the dedication to excellence within the event, particularly within the fine wool fleece competition. 

Howie explains the unique aspect of the competition, where industry standards are applied to judge the fleeces, providing "valuable Feedback" to the exhibitors and enhancing the quality of the competition. 

"We're expecting over 200 fleeces this year of top fine wool fleeces." 

The podcast episode further delves into the integration of youth and education in agriculture through the beef handlers competition, which gives young people hands-on experience in handling and presenting livestock. This element underscores the show's role in nurturing the next generation of farming experts. Moreover, the Wanaka A&P Show extends its global reach by inviting a judge from England to lend an international perspective to the Hunter class, adding an extra layer of excitement for equestrian enthusiasts. 

The community spirit of the show is captured with mentions of the Jack Russell race and dog trials, both of which are crowd favourites and epitomise the event's festive atmosphere. Howie humorously reminds listeners about the new registration process for the Jack Russell race, stating, "No registration, no racing legs." 

To round off the conversation, the importance of online engagement is highlighted, with Howie advising, "best definitely get your tickets online. It is cheaper online," ensuring attendees can smoothly access the event without issues at the gate. 

The episode encapsulates the essence of the Wanaka A&P Show, portraying it as a vibrant celebration that skillfully blends agricultural heritage with innovation, offering something for every attendee, from serious competition to pure entertainment.

Listen to the full chat between Fe Howie and Dominic George above.

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