A Welsh dairy farmer's rise in the New Zealand countryside

A Welsh dairy farmer's rise in the New Zealand countryside

Myfanwy Alexander, a Welsh expatriate turned influential dairy farmer in New Zealand, shares her story of success and the challenges of rural life in the drought-stricken regions of North Otago. 

Having made a significant impact in the farming community, Alexander's journey is celebrated with the prestigious 2023 Year of the Farmer award, recognising her contributions beyond farming production, focusing on her holistic approach and community involvement. As a notable voice in the agricultural scene, Alexander co-hosts a podcast with Emily Walker, offering insights into the realities of farming. 

Their podcast has quickly gained traction since its first episode aired on January 2nd.

"Emily and I met... we became friends from the word go... by the 2nd of January I was like, hey, let's just do this, let's just do this, this will be fun." 

Their conversations resonate with many, covering topics from farming innovation to community events like the Wanaka show, which Alexander describes as having a "very good atmosphere." 

The conversation also delves into the pressing issues faced by farmers, particularly the severe drought conditions in North Otago. Alexander provides a vivid picture of the arid landscape and minimal rainfall, emphasizing the importance of community support. 

"It's easy to have a bad day and then you look around and everything's grey and you're offloading stock... just look out for your neighbours." 

She explains the necessity of managing resources prudently in the face of adversity, highlighting the tenacity and adaptability inherent in Kiwi farmers. In a more personal reflection, Alexander touches on the valuable life lessons her children learn through their involvement in sports and farm work. 

She believes in the significance of hard work and perseverance, which are crucial for success both on the farm and in competitive sports. 

Overall, the conversation paints a vivid portrait of rural resilience, community spirit, and the commitment to sustainable farming practices in New Zealand. 

Mafanwy Alexander's narrative is not only a testament to her personal achievements but also an inspiring call to recognize the collective efforts and challenges faced by the agricultural community.

Listen to the full chat between Myfanwy Alexander and Dominic George above.

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