Community spirit + mental health in rural life with Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins

Community spirit + mental health in rural life with Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins

Rural community champion and great friend of REX Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins delves into the vibrant world of local events like rodeos and rugby matches, underscoring their significance in fostering community spirit and mental health in rural areas.

The conversation begins with a recount of the excitement and family-friendly atmosphere at the Methven Rodeo's National Finals, where local champions like Haami Boynton and Justine Gibson were celebrated. 

Wiggins enthusiastically remarks on the rodeo, "We had a crowd that really enjoyed's been great." 

The dialogue then transitions to a more serious topic, the mental health challenges facing those in the rural service industry. Wiggins candidly shares his personal routine for maintaining mental well-being, noting, "I'm clerk of the course, that's what I do for my bit of mental health." 

He stresses the importance of initiatives like AgriConnect Day, which provides support to agricultural workers by fostering genuine conversations and offering mental health resources. 

"We really want to run these nationwide and we know they work," Wiggins states, emphasising the need for training that is more than just "tick-box stuff" and actually equips individuals to have impactful conversations about mental health. 

The conversation underscores the significance of community events in rural life, both as a source of entertainment and as a vital component in maintaining the emotional health of those living in the countryside. 

The conversation wraps up with Wiggins' heartening advice, "Take five minutes out every day and lean on the gate and talk to a mate.".

Listen to the full chat between Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins and Dominic George above.

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