Craig Wiggins on the forefront of farming health + wellness

Craig Wiggins on the forefront of farming health + wellness

Good friend of the show and esteemed rural health advocate Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins catches up with Dom George at the Central Districts Field Days for all the latest rural life and health news. 

Wiggy shares his experiences and challenges with regional travel, especially the impact of flight delays for those trying to navigate New Zealand's remote areas. 

"I can't even remember the last scheduled flight I took that actually took off and arrived on time," he says.

Wiggy also discusses his involvement with the Carr Family Foundation Royal Health and Wellness van at the CD Field Days, an event that brings together members of the rural community. He highlights the importance of on-farm health checks, which provide critical medical care to farmers who might otherwise miss out on regular check-ups. 

Wiggy shares powerful anecdotes about how these checks have potentially saved lives by catching serious health issues "just in the nick of time."  

"We always pick up one or two guys that are in desperate need of being referred to a doctor."

Moreover, the conversation touches on the broader context of rural health and wellness. Wiggy talks about his experience at the Royal Games, where he had the opportunity to interview influential figures in sports and mental health, like Gilbert Inoka and Cameron Leslie.

His storytelling sheds light on the resilience and determination within the rural sports community. Wiggy's commitment to the rural lifestyle is evident as he describes the balance of work and health, particularly when travelling. 

He humorously notes the temptations of "a few beers, a few pies," and the challenge of maintaining a healthy diet on the road. 

"Making good food choices is really, really important and that goes a lot with mental and physical health." 

The conversation with Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins provides a window into the realities of rural life in New Zealand, emphasising the significance of accessible healthcare for farmers and the sense of community fostered through local events and sports. 

His passion for rural advocacy and wellness is clear, as he continues to champion the needs and stories of those living and working in New Zealand's heartland.

Listen to the full chat between Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins and Dominic George above.

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