Cultivating success from the ground up with Jack Raharuhi

Cultivating success from the ground up with Jack Raharuhi

Jack Raharuhi has had a remarkable journey from a teenage dairy farmer to a successful business manager of Pamu Farms, even winning the Zander McDonald Award in 2020 and the Ahuwhenua Young Maori Farmer of the Year in 2016.

Leaving school at the age of 14 and starting his dairy farming career at just 15, Raharuhi's path to success is just about as unconventional as it comes.

"I had an extraordinary trajectory in the industry and, yeah, something I'm really proud about," he says.

A key aspect of Raharuhi's success is his emphasis on team building, "Individual success comes from team success, and building good teams and running a high-performing operation is something I'm extremely passionate about." 

This philosophy has helped him manage a diverse operation that includes five dairy farms, two dairy support blocks, a livestock farm, and a machinery contracting business with a staff of up to 40 people during peak seasons. 

Furthermore, his approach to farming extends beyond the commercial aspects, incorporating community involvement and environmental stewardship. The Kawatere Coastal Trail, running through his farms, exemplifies this, as visitors can observe sustainable agricultural practices in harmony with nature. 

"Being able to open up our farm gates on a daily basis and have people ride through and see our well-fed animals, our well-looked-after land... is quite special."

Safety and well-being are also paramount in his operations he says, reflecting on the loss of a friend to a farm accident.

"Health and safety is something that I'm extremely passionate about... I want to make sure that every staff member is going home to their family safe every day." 

This commitment to safety culture aligns with his belief that a positive work environment translates to high-performing teams and successful farming outcomes. Raharuhi's personal growth is as organic as the growth he fosters in his fields. 

Despite the demanding nature of his role, he maintains a work-life balance, engaging in competitive surfing, which he finds vital for his well-being. His passion for the sport is evident as he speaks about upcoming competitions and his love for the water. 

Raharuhi's journey in the dairy farming industry is a compelling narrative of personal growth, leadership, and a holistic approach to agriculture that embraces community, sustainability, and safety. 

His story is an inspiration to those pursuing their dreams in the rural sector, proving that with passion and dedication, success is attainable.

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