Dairy NZ + Dairy Women's Network collaborate for 'People Expo' series

Dairy NZ + Dairy Women's Network collaborate for 'People Expo' series

Dairy Women's Network CEO Jules Benton joins Dom George for a rich exploration of the dynamics within New Zealand's farming communities. 

Benton begins by giving a seasonal update on Waikato's farming conditions, noting that, despite a dry South, Waikato is enjoying "a little bit of autumn feeling" and is "looking very green" thanks to recent downpours. 

The conversation then shifts to the 'People Expo' series, a collaboration between the Dairy Women's Network and Dairy NZ, designed as a forum for industry professionals to address agricultural challenges and celebrate successes. 

Benton recounts the impact of economist Shamubeel Eaqub's presentation, highlighting his economic analysis that contextualizes farming issues within the broader landscape of rising interest rates and costs. 

She quotes Eaqub, "What's happening in farming is not too dissimilar to the challenges around interest rates, rise in costs," emphasising the shared struggles across different sectors. 

The conversation spotlights the diversity within Waikato farmers Sue and David Fish's workforce, illustrating the importance of unity and leadership in rural teams. 

"They have just got the most brilliant team that they are part of, not that they lead, but they are part of." 

Looking ahead, the podcast teases future sessions in Invercargill, Pire tour, and Rotorua, promising a continuation of the themes of economic foresight and leadership wisdom. 

As the conversation wraps up, the anticipation for the upcoming Dairy Women's Network conference is palpable. The theme "Enhance, elevation, evolved" sets the stage for a variety of speakers, including Phillipa Cameron and Ann Douglas, who will tackle topics from sustainability in farming to balancing family and business life. 

She promotes the conference, asserting the value of the speakers' depth of knowledge and the partners' contributions. 

Benton remarks on the cross-generational and cross-background engagement at the Expo.

"For me, that's really about farming, right, you get everyone in the room sharing, sharing really good stories and good information and then they take it back to their, to their businesses, their teams and their wider communities." 

In summary, the conversation offers a glimpse into the interwoven themes of leadership, economic challenges, and community diversity that characterise New Zealand's farming sector, underpinned by the voices of those who lead and inspire within it.

Listen to the full chat between Jules Benton and Dominic George above.

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