From Academia to Agriculture: East Coast FMG Young Farmer of the Year

From Academia to Agriculture: East Coast FMG Young Farmer of the Year

22-year-old South Wairarapa farmer Archie Woodhouse was crowned the East Coast FMG Young Farmer of the Year over the weekend. 

Woodhouse joins Dom George to talk about his victory, how he has managed to combine theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of farming and more. 

One of the key talking points is Woodhouse's competition with his older brother, Callum, who also participated in the Young Farmer of the Year contest. Woodhouse describes the sibling rivalry as a "nice added challenge," and he shares that although it was "a little bit daunting" to compete against his brother, it was a rewarding experience. 

"He's good, he's real good, and he'll help me with my study and prep for Grand Final, which will be awesome because he's switched on," he says.

Woodhouse's strategic approach to the contest is another focal point. He talks about how previous experience in contests, such as competing in Tasman the year before, helped him with "little technical things" and knowing where to focus his attention. 

"I was lucky enough to take away a few section wins so it put me in pretty good stead heading into the quiz in the evening." 

The conversation also touches on Woodhouse's anticipation for the Grand Final and his plans for the future. Despite a desire to work in the professional agricultural field for a while, he aspires to return to farming in the long term. 

"I grew up doing it and I've got a real passion for it, so I'd love to, in the next decade, be back farming."

Additionally, Woodhouse provides insights into the camaraderie and competition among the young farmers, specifically mentioning George Dodson, a peer he will compete against in the Grand Final. 

"The calibre of people [who] come through has been exceptional," he explains.

Archie Woodhouse represents a new generation in agriculture, bringing innovation and dedication to the industry. 

Listen to the full chat between Archie Woodhouse and Dominic George above.

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