Future Post: Pioneering eco-friendly agricultural fencing with recycled plastic

Future Post: Pioneering eco-friendly agricultural fencing with recycled plastic

Future Post doesn't make posts from wood, concrete, waratahs, stakes or metal poles, it's all recycled plastic and their innovation has taken the farming world by storm.

Founder Jerome Wenzlick provides insight into how Future Post is transforming the way we think about agricultural boundaries by replacing traditional materials like wood and metal with sustainable alternatives. One of the standout features of Future Post's products is their appeal within the equestrian community. 

"A lot of the equine guys are loving them because a lot of these studs have timber rails and they all get chewed by the horses and don't look too pretty," he says.

The durability and aesthetic appeal of these recycled posts and rails make them a hit not only for equestrian environments but also for general fencing needs. The conversation also touches on the impressive longevity and resilience of the posts and rails. 

Wenzlick confidently asserts that their products are built to last. 

"I've always said, like, the one thing about these is that they're going to last forever." 

He explains that the addition of black carbon to the waste plastic mix ensures UV resistance, preventing breakdown from sunlight exposure. Moreover, the material's resistance to moisture means it won't rot like wood. 

A significant part of the discussion revolves around the sourcing of recycled plastic for Future Post's production. Wenzlick reveals the abundance of raw materials available, highlighting contributions from supermarkets, industries, and waste collection companies. 

"We probably say no 20 times a day to people who want us to take it," he remarks, indicating the overwhelming supply of recyclable plastic they are offered. 

Wenzlick's personal journey to creating Future Post stems from his experience in fencing and the desire to address the issue of persistent plastic waste.

"We've got a shitload of plastic that floats around the country and you know, the original idea was the one if we can make a post that you know doesn't break and last bugger all and get rid of this plastic at the same time, and that's what we're doing." 

As for the future, Future Post is exploring other applications for their recycled plastic, such as cross arms for power poles, demonstrating the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. 

This conversation offers an inspiring look at how one company's pioneering approach to recycling is not only pushing but also redefining the boundaries of sustainable agricultural practices.

Listen to the full chat between Jerome Wenzlick and Dominic George above.

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