Mastering personal growth + lifelong learning with Shane Bird
Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing

Mastering personal growth + lifelong learning with Shane Bird

Kiwi lad and former farmer turned Sydney life coach, Shane Bird returned to his roots in New Zealand to share his insights on personal growth and the art of learning. 

Central to the discussion was the belief that "if you're not learning, there's a part of you that's already dead." This poignant phrase underlines the vitality of continuous learning for mental sharpness and zest in life. 

Bird emphasises the importance of learning not as a luxury but as a necessity to keep our wits about us. He also demystifies the process of mastering new skills with a disarmingly simple approach, commit 10 minutes daily to practice for a month, and watch as your brain rewires itself to transform any task from daunting to doable. 

"You're training your neurons in your brain to make the connections on how they've made the connection to write that." 

This method is not only practical but also reinforces the value of consistency over intensity in the learning process. 

Bird’s philosophy extends beyond bookish wisdom, tapping into the realm of visualisation. He advocates for the power of imagination, recounting how he harnessed it to excel at rodeo bullfighting. By visualising himself performing the moves of world champions, he created neural pathways that led to his success. 

This technique is as "powerful as doing the 50 times a day of the actual physically doing it." 

Another compelling point he raises is the strategy of learning from the best.

"If you want to be great at something, find someone who's the best at it... and pick their brain." 

By imitating the methods of those at the top of their game, we can sidestep common pitfalls and fast-track our progress. In a world awash with information, Bird warns of the perils of false prophets and underscores the necessity of seeking out credible sources. 

"Look at the fitness world as an example... But how would you know? How do you discern?" 

His advice is to look to those whose achievements are living proof of their expertise. For those inspired by Bird's insights and seeking more, he directs them to his Facebook group, a hub for like-minded individuals on the journey to personal mastery. His parting words resonate with the spirit of Kiwi ingenuity and practical wisdom: 

"Find out who's really done the research and just copy it, and there's nothing wrong with that—it's the fastest way to get to the top."

Listen to the full chat between Shane Bird and Dominic George above.

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