Rural grit + rugby thrills: A candid chat with Canterbury's Richard Loe

Rural grit + rugby thrills: A candid chat with Canterbury's Richard Loe

Richard Loe, a renowned Canterbury local and Carters Tyres brand ambassador shares his insights on both rural life and the pulse-pounding world of rugby. 

As a resident of the wind-whipped Port Hills, Loe delves into the tactical struggle against gorse, an invasive plant that farmers like himself must strategically manage. 

The conversation transitions to the financial challenges that sheep and beef farmers confront, especially with the backdrop of halved income and doubled mortgage rates. 

"With the sheep prices, lamb prices, have basically been asked to halve their income and if you've got a mortgage it's doubled the interest rate," Loe explains, portraying the stark realities faced by farmers. 

Pest control is another key issue, particularly the spread of wallabies, which Loe describes as akin to detective work, with dogs and specialised equipment needed to "dispers[e] it." He laments the dramatic rise in New Zealand's food prices, which have soared compared to other countries, including Australia. 

"New Zealand is right up there with countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, and Honduras in terms of the price increases in food." 

Switching gears to rugby, Loe expresses disappointment in a game lacking excitement and contrasts it with the French team's celebratory spirit after scoring a try. 

"Watched about five minutes so I didn't see a highlight in that. It was bloody boring," he states, reflecting on the less-than-thrilling Welsh match he observed. 

The conversation also veers into a light-hearted scepticism of referees, a sentiment shared by many sports fans. Despite the serious topics, the chat retains a tone of camaraderie, as Loe jokes about avoiding a detailed discussion on the Highlanders: "I'm ending this before you get a word in about the Highlanders." 

This conversation paints a picture of Richard Loe as a man deeply rooted in the fabric of Canterbury's rural and sports communities. His perspectives offer a glimpse into the life of a farmer tackling nature's challenges while also being a fervent rugby enthusiast, capturing the essence of rural grit and rugby thrills in the heart of Canterbury.

Listen to the full chat between Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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