Sowing seeds of resilience + community with Emma Crutchley

Sowing seeds of resilience + community with Emma Crutchley

Dedicated to the recently celebrated National Lamb Day and International Women's Day celebrated on Friday, March 8, Emma Crutchley discusses the deep connections between lamb, agriculture, and community. 

Amidst the celebration of this special day, Crutchley shares insights into the challenges and triumphs of farming in New Zealand's arid Maniototo region, emphasising the critical role of water management in sustaining agriculture against the backdrop of climate change. 

One of the key talking points Crutchley addresses is the significance of the lamb industry to different stakeholders across the supply chain. 

"For us as sheep farmers, it's like the actual lamb that we ethically raise...and then for the consumers, it's what they choose to buy," she says.

Another focal point of the conversation is the emotional and mental well-being of farmers. Crutchley candidly discusses the importance of positivity and taking breaks, noting the often unseen emotional toll of farming. 

"Even if you're trying to flip that into a positive mindset all the time, it does start to wear on you," she reflects, underscoring the human aspect of agricultural life. 

The conversation also delves into the power of collaboration and community. Crutchley recounts a heartwarming story of outreach to the Port of Otago for a community project, a gesture that underscores the impact of historical connections and shared goals. 

"It's not work when it's fun," she quotes, capturing the spirit of unity and collective effort. 

Through laughter and serious reflection, the conversation encapsulates the essence of National Lamb Day—a time to honour not only the agricultural product but also the resilience and spirit of the people who produce it. 

Crutchley's discussion paints a picture of an industry woven into the fabric of national identity, where tradition and innovation meet in the hands of those who work the land. 

Listen to the full chat between Emma Crutchley and Dominic George above.

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