Aussie Dairy Industry Services Praise 'Outstanding, Globally Recognised' Kiwi Enterprise

Aussie Dairy Industry Services Praise 'Outstanding, Globally Recognised' Kiwi Enterprise

It's not often that Australians sing New Zealanders' praises, but last week Dairy Industry Services in Australia described Ferdon Jersey Studs in Otorohunga as an outstanding, globally recognised dairy breeding enterprise.

This year they will be celebrating 75 years of dairy excellence, and Warren Ferguson from Ferdon Genetics shares the story of their family's long-standing dedication to breeding Jersey cows in, New Zealand. 

The conversation delves into the Fergusons' philosophy of prioritising cow families and functional traits over mere production figures, a strategy that has led to their cattle's longevity and health. Ferguson, with his extensive experience in the dairy industry, shares anecdotes and insights from their journey, including their triumphs at the Waikato Show and their commitment to breeding cows that stand the test of time. 

He recounts the legacy of their stud and the resilience of the family in the face of personal loss. 

"We breed to cow families, we don't chase the BW figure, I mean that's got its place. Some people use it, some don't, but we breed to cow families and that's stood us well." 

Warren also reveals the Fergusons' royal connection, with four generations of their family having met Her Majesty the Queen, due to their shared interest in Jersey cows. 

Reflecting on this unique relationship, he shares a touching moment.

"When Dad passed away, I spoke with the Queen and she said what are we going to do? And I said well, I think we'll just carry on. And Her Majesty thought that was a great idea." 

Ferguson also talks about the upcoming farm sale on April 22nd, which is more than just a transaction—it's a celebration of a lifework. Some of their best cows, which have claimed top titles at the Waikato Show, will be on offer. 

"Some of our best young cows, especially in the cows... they're all in the sales," he explains with pride. 

Ferguson touches on the family's ability to scan the globe for the best Jersey genetics, their selective breeding philosophy, and their commitment to producing cows with traits such as capacity, a good udder, and a will to milk. 

He proudly mentions a cow that, even at 12 years old, produced 700 milk solids, embodying the robustness they strive for in their cattle. 

This conversation not only celebrates the remarkable achievements of the Ferdinand Jersey Studs but also encapsulates the values of family, the tenacity of farmers, and the spirit of community that is integral to agriculture.

Listen to the full chat between Warren Ferguson and Dominic George above.

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