Australian Fertiliser Company Looking To Make A Splash in Aotearoa

Australian Fertiliser Company Looking To Make A Splash in Aotearoa

Jamie Thompson is the New Zealand commercial manager for Marnco Fertiliser, an Australian company whose innovative approach aims to shake up the agricultural sector in New Zealand. 

Thompson discusses how Marnco's arrival in the local market, supported by its global parent company Nitron, introduces fresh competition, potentially disrupting the existing market dominated by major cooperatives. A notable point of the conversation revolves around Marnco Fertiliser's strategic 'pack and save' business model, designed to benefit well-organized farmers and businesses by offering competitive pricing. 

"Our ideal customer is somebody who's well organised, they know what they want and when they want it, you know we can provide it to them from our port stores at a very, very cost-competitive price," Thompson explains, positioning Marnco as an alternative for businesses that seek value without compromising on product quality. 

Quality, in fact, is a key theme as Thompson toutes the superiority of Marnco's superphosphate, which has garnered positive feedback, especially from spreader operators in the South Island. 

"It's the best superphosphate they've seen for a number of years," Thompson says, highlighting its well-granulated nature, low dust levels, and notably low cadmium content, "less than 10 parts per million." 

Thompson is candid about the company's ambition in the New Zealand market, acknowledging the support from industry players looking for additional options. 

"For us to exist and for us to survive in this market, we need a bit of your business," he says, signalling a willingness to build trust and establish a long-term presence by proving operational excellence and tackling inevitable challenges head-on. 

Marnco's product range currently includes DAP and superphosphate, with plans to expand their offerings. Thompson also indicates openness to exploring products with slow-release nitrogen or inhibitors, responding to market demand and the regulatory environment. 

The conversation ends on an optimistic note for Marnco Fertiliser's venture into New Zealand, as Thompson conveys the company's commitment to delivering quality and value. 

As the agricultural sector keeps a watchful eye, Marnco's entry could mark a significant shift in how fertilizer products are accessed and priced, potentially benefiting farmers across the nation.

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