Beef + Lamb NZ Backing Government Independent Methane Review

Beef + Lamb NZ Backing Government Independent Methane Review

Beef + Lamb NZ shared their support for the Government's recently announced methane review, with the aim to further understanding around methane science and environmental sustainability.

Chair Kate Acland provides a measured perspective amidst the school holiday chaos, demonstrating a focused approach to a subject of significant importance for New Zealand farmers. 

This review, which Beef + Lamb NZ has been advocating for, aims to establish science-based targets to prevent additional warming caused by agricultural emissions. Ackland expresses strong support for this move. 

"Essentially, methane should only be asked to do what's being asked of other gases, which is to achieve no additional warming. So we really welcome this independent review." 

Acland's comments highlight the disparity between current targets and those suggested by research commissioned by Beef + Lamb NZ, alongside other industry groups. This research suggests that a reduction in methane emissions of 15% to 27% by 2050 would align with the goal of no additional warming, in contrast to the current target of 24% to 47%. 

"I think it's really important that we are really clear on where the science sits and what the targets should be based on science." 

Additionally, the conversation touches on the internal governance of Beef + Lamb NZ, particularly the search for a new independent director to fill skill gaps in Maori agribusiness and information technology. The debate over director remuneration is also mentioned, with Acland acknowledging that while an independent remuneration committee found the current pay to be below market rates, she remains hopeful of attracting strong candidates for the role. 

The conversation also previews the upcoming Beef and Lamb Ag Innovation Conference scheduled for May 15th in Palmerston North. Acland is enthusiastic about the event, which promises to showcase a blend of big-picture thinking and technological innovation. 

The conference will feature prominent speakers like Julia Jones, Gemma McCaw, and Professor Steve Morris, focusing on what's next for farming. 

The conversation provides a thorough look at the critical intersection of environmental policy and agriculture in New Zealand, offering listeners a deep dive into the complex issues facing the sector. 

Acland's insights underline the need for policy that is grounded in scientific evidence and the proactive steps the agricultural community is taking to shape a sustainable future.

Listen to the full chat between Kate Acland and Dominic George above.

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