Caleb Eady secures Northern FMG YFOTY Title + Final Place in Grand Final

Caleb Eady secures Northern FMG YFOTY Title + Final Place in Grand Final

Caleb Eady is the seventh and final person to confirm their place in the FMG Young Farmer of the Year Competition after taking out the Northern title last week.

Eady's story is one of determination, skill, and adaptability, showcasing the making of an agricultural champion. He recounts his experience in the competition, expressing his initial apprehension. 

"I didn't actually even think I was going to maybe get through that first day. So, yeah, to go all the way was a bit of a shock." 

He attributes his victory to his practical skills, particularly in fencing, "Obviously, being a fencing contractor up here, I sort of had the fencing pretty well wrapped up," while also acknowledging the need for a strong theoretical foundation in agriculture. 

Eady's background is deeply rooted in farming, starting as an "agri-kid" and then gaining international experience in the UK and Tasmania as a shepherd and stock manager, respectively. This international exposure has significantly contributed to his farming acumen. He shares insights into his life as a farmer, detailing his work as a fencing contractor and managing farm operations in Northland, which includes leasing land for dairy grazing and beef animals, and calf rearing. 

He describes the recent season's challenges, stating, "Yeah, it was pretty good up until sort of the end of last year, and then it started to get a bit dry." 

Looking forward to the grand final, Eady's primary focus is on honing his theoretical knowledge.

 "Just gonna be studying ... I'm trying to get that theory stuff nailed down." 

Despite the challenges ahead, Eady maintains a positive outlook, buoyed by the fact that all competitors are new to the grand final, creating a level playing field. Eady also touches on the new expectations of farmers to market themselves and their brands, an area outside his comfort zone. 

"That's probably got me, um, a little bit nervous... the fencing work sort of comes to me so I don't have to market too much on that side of things." 

The conversation with Caleb Eady is not only a testament to his personal achievements but also shines a light on the realities of life in agriculture and the evolving role of the modern farmer.

Listen to the full chat between Caleb Eady and Dominic George above.

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