'Dairy Farming Saved My Life' NZDIA Regional Winner Making Second Chance Count

'Dairy Farming Saved My Life' NZDIA Regional Winner Making Second Chance Count

As we continue to celebrate the winners of the regional New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, Dom is joined by Ben Purua who took out the top spot in the Central Plateau region.

Purua’s ascension to the Central Plateau Dairy Manager of the Year is not just a personal victory but also an inspiration that echoes the possibility of second chances and the importance of passion in one’s vocation.

He is currently managing a dairy farm with 540 cows, where his responsibilities go beyond operations to include the well-being and safety of his staff. Purua’s entry into dairy farming is an unconventional tale, beginning during his time at Waikeria prison, where he was introduced to farm work. 

This experience proved to be a pivotal moment for him, igniting a passion for working on the land. Reflecting on this period, Purua credits dairy farming with saving his life.

"I like to say that dairy farming saved my life. It's been a great lifestyle for me and my family anyway." 

Besides his agricultural success, Purua has ventured into the fashion industry with his clothing line, Kāmu tō Pāmu, which translates to "calm your farm." The brand's philosophy resonates with the necessity to find calm amidst the hectic farming life, representing Purua's commitment to the well-being aspect of the industry. 

His clothing line can be found on his website, providing a unique blend of farming and cultural elements to the market. Moreover, Purua is a finalist in the Ahuwhenua Trophy, a prestigious agricultural competition, which could mark another significant milestone in his already stellar year. 

His plans don't stop there; along with his wife, Purua is in the process of creating a transitional farm to support men released from prison, aiming to provide them with experience, support, and prevent their return to incarceration. 

The conversation paints a picture of a man whose journey through adversity has led to remarkable achievements in both dairy farming and entrepreneurial ventures, demonstrating the profound impact of purposeful work and the power of a second chance.

Listen to the full chat between Ben Purua and Dominic George above.

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