Dennis Main's Leap from Construction to Cultivation Success

Dennis Main's Leap from Construction to Cultivation Success

Dennis Main is a unique individual who recently secured the FMG Young Farmer of the Year title for the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region. Main stands out not only for his agricultural achievements but also for his unconventional background. 

While he comes from a farming family, he ventured into the construction industry as a builder before making a significant mark in his first-ever farming competition. Main's deep-rooted passion for agriculture is palpable as he recounts his experience. He articulates the essence of the Piarere Young Farmers Club, of which he is an active member, emphasising the club's dual focus on fostering social bonds and promoting agricultural interests. 

The club's dynamic character is reflected in its robust membership and the variety of activities it undertakes, such as fundraising, paintball, and go-karting events. 

"We're a pretty strong club. I think we've got around 50 members... It pays for all that sort of stuff. We try and put on quite a few events throughout the year." 

The conversation also touches on the competition itself, where Main shares his enjoyment and identifies areas for improvement.

"The whole weekend was pretty enjoyable. I definitely need to brush up on some of the more technical side of it... I'm definitely stronger in the practical side of it." 

This self-awareness and willingness to grow are indicative of his commitment to excellence in the field. Despite his current occupation in construction, Main's future is undeniably tied to agriculture. 

"I think I'll probably end up back in the farming sector at some stage. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but yeah, It'll be something to do with agriculture in the future." 

This statement not only speaks to his flexibility and openness to change but also his unwavering affinity for the land and farming life. 

Main looks ahead to the grand finale in July, set in Hamilton. His confidence is quietly assertive, and he is eager to leverage his practical skills to succeed. 

"I'm going to be picking the brains of everyone that I can... trying to get as much information as I can." 

Dennis Main's story is a celebration of tenacity, adaptability, and the pursuit of one's true calling, regardless of the detours life may present.

Listen to the full chat between Dennis Main and Dominic George above.

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