Exploring Agricultural Economics + Rugby Tactics With Richard Loe

Exploring Agricultural Economics + Rugby Tactics With Richard Loe

Carter's Brand Ambassador Richard Loe offers his dual expertise on the seemingly disparate worlds of farming and rugby, yet he finds common ground in the strategies and precision required for both fields. 

The conversation begins with practical advice for farmers as planting season approaches, stressing the importance of equipment maintenance. 

"Time to get the chaps out there. Have a look over your gear and see what you need for the new season," Loe advises, highlighting the necessity of checking and replacing tyres on agricultural machinery, from quads to irrigators. 

The dialogue then transitions to the economics of farming, delving into the disparity between supermarket prices for lamb and the reality of farming costs. 

Loe expresses frustration with the current state of the meat market, saying, "It irritates me, it irritates a few farmers out there too. Good to get our urban cousins having a good feed of lamb occasionally, but not at our expense." 

He sheds light on the financial strain farmers face due to low sheep meat prices, which don't reflect the true costs of production. The beef market is also discussed, where trends in the US have not resulted in better prices for local farmers, indicating broader systemic issues within the agricultural industry. 

Transitioning to rugby, the focus shifts to the need for speed and strategic play. Loe illustrates the importance of quick decision-making with the example of Jordie Barrett's adept ball-kicking. He praises the All Blacks' ability to capitalise on line-outs, emphasising the necessity for the game to evolve with pace to maintain fan engagement. 

"The All Blacks were doing that, you know, give them a thumbs up there, the opposition couldn't organize themselves quick enough," Loe remarks, advocating for a faster, more dynamic rugby that keeps spectators invested. 

Throughout the conversation, Loe's commentary weaves the common threads of preparation, efficiency, and the need to evolve – whether it's ensuring farming equipment is in top condition for the new season or adapting rugby strategies to maintain a competitive edge. 

Listen to the full chat between Richard Loe and Dominic George above.

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