Farming, Family, + Fostering Community Spirit With Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins

Farming, Family, + Fostering Community Spirit With Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins

Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins, a figure deeply ingrained in New Zealand's agricultural community, shared insights on the intricate relationship between farming, family, and fostering community spirit in the Kiwi countryside. 

Amidst the constant demands of farm life, Wiggy emphasises the importance of taking time for family, as he planned a brief getaway to Akaroa with his children. However, his work in strengthening rural communities never fully ceases. 

Wiggy discusses two upcoming events designed to support and connect those in the agricultural sector. The first event, AgriConnect, aims to bring together rural service industries to exchange experiences and offer support networks. 

"We cross-pollinate some of the stuff that's going on within that environment," Wiggy explains, showcasing his dedication to building a cohesive and resilient farming community. 

Further bridging the gap between rural life and the broader community, Wiggy also highlights Sports Connect, an event that taps into the influential role of local sports clubs in supporting youth and acting as community hubs. Sports figures like Slade McFarland share their stories, resonating with the need for compassionate leadership within these pillars of society. 

"We really look to get in front of them, and not only the young people to the coaches and the managers," says Wiggy, underscoring the comprehensive approach of these initiatives.

Beyond social support, Wiggy touches on the critical issue of farm safety, referencing recent tragic incidents involving farm machinery. 

The conversation serves as a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in agricultural work and the significant impact of such tragedies on families and communities. 

He urges listeners to consider the broader implications of safety, asking rhetorically, "Who would actually look after the family? Who would look after the farm and what would be the loss if I wasn't around?" 

Additionally, Wiggy speaks about a partnership with Forsyth Barr, which will lead to a tour of Southland aimed at addressing the financial pressures farmers face, particularly those without successors for their farms. 

The tour will include talks on decision-making and communication, complemented by investment advice from specialists. Wiggy's parting words echo his commitment to community care, encouraging others to pause and seek support when needed. 

"Always lean on the gate and talk to a mate and ask for help," he concludes, reinforcing the conversation's central message of nurturing both the land and the soul of the community.

Listen to the full chat between Craig 'Wiggy' Wiggins and Dominic George above.

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