From Farm to Footy: Hurricanes Josh Moorby Reflects On Rural Childhood

From Farm to Footy: Hurricanes Josh Moorby Reflects On Rural Childhood

Josh Moorby grew up on the dairy farms of Te Awamutu before attending Hamilton Boys High School, bursting onto the pro rugby scene in 2019 with the Southland Stags. He was brought into the Highlanders squad in 2021 as an injury replacement then moved to the Hurricanes in 2022 and hasn't looked back since.

Moorby discusses his journey from farm life to rugby stardom,  highlighting his transition from a rural upbringing to his current success with the Hurricanes in Super Rugby. 

He shares his experiences of growing up in a farming family, where his father has been a dairy farmer since he was 15. This pastoral life provided him with a solid work ethic and a playful childhood full of mischief. 

"Growing up in Te Amuru, on a dairy farm in Puhoi, where Mum and Dad are still milking at the moment... as a farm kid it's just pretty easy going and you sort of get yourself into a bit of mischief and you get to do all the fun stuff that town kids think they want to do." 

Moorby's athletic prowess isn't limited to rugby; he also excelled in tennis during his youth, attributing his sportsmanship to his parents' influence. 

"My mum used to play a bit of tennis...I think my last year was year 13 at high school." 

Discussing his professional rugby career, Moorby comments on the Hurricanes' performance, stating, "We put in a lot of work during the pre-season and I think at the moment we've gelled pretty nicely together as a team and we're just playing really well, linking up very well."

His personal form is also a subject of pride, reflecting a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie within the squad. Looking ahead, he contemplates a potential return to farm life post-rugby, suggesting a collective family involvement in farming with his siblings. This reveals a strong connection to his roots and a life beyond professional sports.

The discussion touches on the historical link between farming and New Zealand rugby, highlighting the natural fitness and work ethic ingrained in farm-raised players. The conversation also explores Moorby's versatility as a player, initially a first-five in his younger days before transitioning to fullback, and then to the wing. When asked about his preferred position, he maintains a team-first attitude. 

"Honestly, yeah, I'm loving both...wherever the team needs me and I can get myself into a jumper." 

The conversation concludes with Moorby expressing excitement for the upcoming match against the Brumbies and gratitude for the opportunity to share his story. His humble and grounded nature shines through as he looks forward to future challenges both on and off the rugby pitch.

Listen to the full chat between Josh Moorby and Dominic George above.

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