Gore Farmer Adapting To Weather, Boosting Lamb Profits + Finding Joy In Wakeboarding

Gore Farmer Adapting To Weather, Boosting Lamb Profits + Finding Joy In Wakeboarding

James Goodwin runs a sheep and beef farming operation that spans nearly 800 hectares and joins Dom George to offer a glimpse into the life of a farmer who not only confronts the challenges of farming in Gore but also finds balance and joy in an adrenaline-pumping water sport. 

Goodwin highlights the impact of the season's weather to start 2024.

"We haven't had the warmth like normal, but we've had rain and enough warmth, so we've grown a lot of grass."

This has been pivotal for his farm's prosperity as the lush grass growth has allowed for a substantial increase in lamb weights, with averages of "just over 20 kilos this season." 

His strategic breed shift towards a Texel-Perendale sheep breed is aimed at maximising pre-lamb profit, reflecting a thoughtful and innovative approach to farming. Goodwin also shares insights into the farming community's solidarity, explaining how surplus feed has been managed.

"We've also taken on a few stores and I had a mate up in Milton... They were very dry up there... he said, hey, any chance you could take on a few ewe lambs, so [I'm] helping him out for a few weeks." 

This exemplifies the communal resilience in the face of agricultural challenges. Addressing health management, Goodwin underscores the importance of a solid animal health plan to combat sheep parasites.

"We've been pretty fortunate. We haven't had any sort of resistance or anything yet that we know of... having a good outfit with a good animal health plan certainly helps." 

Beyond farming, Goodwin reveals his enthusiasm for wakeboarding, a sport that has brought his family closer together. 

"I've been actually getting into a bit of wakeboarding, to be fair, the last few years," he says, emphasising the sport's role in his life as a stress reliever and a source of personal achievement. 

"I have a goal to get a proper wakeboarding boat in a few years." 

Goodwin's commitment to farming excellence is also evident in his pride in winning the Norwood Efficiency Award at the Balance Farm Environment Awards. His participation underscores a dedication to sustainable practices and community involvement. 

Listen to the full chat between James Goodwin and Dominic George above.

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