Harry Godfrey: From Rural Roots To Super Rugby Stardom

Harry Godfrey: From Rural Roots To Super Rugby Stardom

Despite their loss to the Brumbies last weekend, the Hurricanes have had a blistering start to the 2024 Super Rugby Season, sitting top of the table 9 games in.

Utility Back Harry Godfrey, who grew up on a humble farm in Hunterville, has played an integral role in the team's recent success and joins Dom George to talk about his journey from Rural New Zealand to playing professional rugby in the nation's capital city.

The conversation touches upon various aspects of his life and career, providing insights into the determination and passion driving this young athlete. Growing up on a sheep and beef farm, Godfrey’s connection to rugby began at an early age, playing his first game at four. Despite the allure of farm life, his talent in rugby became apparent, especially during his time at Whanganui Collegiate, where he began to make waves in the sport. 

He candidly recalls his mixed emotions during the COVID years, noting the disappointment of making the New Zealand schoolboy's side only to be reduced to a "paper squad" due to the pandemic. 

Reflecting on a recent loss to the Brumbies, Godfrey maintains an optimistic perspective, highlighting the team's resilience and eagerness to bounce back in upcoming games. 

"They're always a tough team to play over there, so, yeah, obviously not the result that we wanted, but, you know, get another opportunity this week to play the Waratahs, so hopefully the boys are keen to bounce back." 

His commentary also sheds light on the competitive spirit within the Hurricanes, noting the depth of the squad and the healthy competition for spots. 

"Yeah, you know, if we want to go well in this competition, we're going to need that depth in all positions."

Godfrey discusses his versatility on the field, having played both as a first-five and fullback. He expresses a desire to eventually return to the position of first-five to further develop his game management skills. 

His participation in the National Development Academy (NDC) program is mentioned as a significant step in his rugby career, having given him the opportunity to transition into a full-time professional player. Outside of rugby, Godfrey enjoys spending time on the family farm, golfing, surfing, and beach outings, emphasising the importance of balance and leisure in his life. 

His connection to his roots remains strong, as evidenced by his fondness for returning home to a hearty roast prepared by his mother.

Godfrey's story is a testament to hard work and dedication, proving that with talent and determination, one can rise from rural beginnings to the heights of professional sports.

Listen to the full chat between Harry Godfrey and Dominic George above.

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