Netspeed Continues Rollout of 5G Technology Across Rural New Zealand

Netspeed Continues Rollout of 5G Technology Across Rural New Zealand

As technology continues to develop and integrate itself deeper into everyday life, the need to stay connected is also growing. Netspeed Managing Director Stan Rivett discusses the transformative rollout of 5G technology across New Zealand, particularly in its rural areas. 

The conversation illuminates how 5G is bridging the digital divide, offering rural communities unprecedented access to high-speed internet that rivals fibre connections. Rivett shares anecdotes of customers in remote locations like Foxton Beach and Tokamaru who are elated with the arrival of 5G. 

"We've had a few customers who've suddenly been able to get 5G and go woo-hoo, this is fantastic," he says, highlighting the excitement around the technology. 

One customer, he mentions, enjoys "800 megabits down, which is, you know, that's like fibre speeds." 

This kind of speed is a game-changer, especially for the agricultural sector, which stands to benefit greatly from enhanced connectivity. The discussion also touches on the phasing out of older technologies, with Rivett noting, "They'll be withdrawing 3G, they were supposed to be doing it this year but I think it's being delayed." 

This transition, however, is not without its challenges, as Rivett points out issues such as the potential impact on irrigators, signalling that the transition to newer technology must consider and address the dependencies of existing systems. 

Rivett also touches on a current special offer for prospective Netspeed customers, "We're going to be doing a promotion for Moving Day, so when people are moving, if they reconnect with us, we'll give them a month off." 

The company prides itself on its personal touch, with Rivett emphasising, "You won't go to a pre-recorded message or a robot or anything like that." 

Throughout the conversation, it's evident that the deployment of 5G is seen as not just a technological upgrade but a catalyst for societal and economic improvement in rural New Zealand. 

Listen to the full chat between Stan Rivett and Dominic George above.

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