New study reveals connection between red meat + well-being
Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing

New study reveals connection between red meat + well-being

Newly published research among consumers in Australia and the United States reveals interest in improving their well-being through eating red meat. 

Dr Carolina Realini is a senior scientist for AgResearch who undertook this research alongside Meat + Livestock Australia and she joins Dom George to discuss the nuanced relationship between red meat consumption and wellness. 

The conversation uncovers the groundbreaking study with over 90% of participants considering red meat to improve their physical and mental well-being. A key point from the conversation is the differentiation between lean red meat and processed meats. 

"When we talk about red meat, we often don't make a distinction... there have been indications of negative consequences in human health associated with the consumption of processed meats," Dr Realini clarifies.

She emphasises the importance of distinguishing the health impacts of lean red meat, which can be part of a balanced diet, from those of processed meats, which have been linked to health issues like cancer and heart disease. 

The conversation also explores how the meat industry can innovate and responsibly promote red meat's health benefits, supported by scientific evidence. Dr Realini mentions the industry's opportunity to "think beyond the regular nutrients that meat supplies... highlighting its potential overall improvement of wellness," acknowledging the need for strong scientific backing for such claims. 

Moreover, she discusses the potential of red meat in targeting specific nutrients, such as iron, to support health goals like healthy aging. Dr Realini suggests that "the meat industry can capitalise on that and can produce products that are targeted to those," highlighting the immediate opportunity to leverage current nutritional knowledge to enhance food offerings. 

A fascinating insight into consumer behaviour reveals that "Americans had a stronger interest and they were more willing to pay than the Australian respondents" for red meat with wellness benefits. This demonstrates a market opportunity for premium pricing strategies that highlight the wellness attributes of red meat products. 

Dr Realini's insights reveal an evolving landscape where consumer health interests and the potential of red meat are intersecting. She concludes by emphasising the need for further research, particularly on the mental health benefits of red meat, to support and clarify the role of red meat in a healthy diet.

Listen to the full chat between Dr Carolina Realini and Dominic George above.

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