Olivia Ellis To Attend Prestigious Global Sheep Forum Next Generation Programme
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Olivia Ellis To Attend Prestigious Global Sheep Forum Next Generation Programme

Two young farmers have been selected to participate in the 2024 Global Sheep Forum Next Generation Programme, which is scheduled to take place across the ditch in Australia from the 3rd to the 10th of August.

The programme is an opportunity for young farmers to engage with international peers, share knowledge, and present research findings on sheep farming. 

Olivia Ellis, a pioneering sheep genetics expert from New Zealand is one of those who have been selected and joins Dom George to talk all about the forum, how she got into it and more.

During the conversation, Ellis shares her experiences working across different continents, from the UK to Ireland, and the impact of New Zealand sheep genetics on Irish farms. 

Her work highlights the challenges and complexities of sheep farming, including climate considerations and predator management. Ellis's path from her early days on a farm in Hawke's Bay to her current role in sheep genetics operations underscores the dynamic evolution of agriculture and the value of global learning opportunities for the next generation of farmers. 

One of the key talking points she discusses is the transformative potential of New Zealand sheep genetics abroad. 

"Kelso has actually exported two live rams to a farmer in Ireland," she recalls.

Ellis's insight into the industry's future centres on the significance of breeding, as she states, "Breeding actually has a huge space going into the future. If products aren't working for us, that's where we can use breeding, so that we don't rely on the products as much." 

The conversation also delves into the art of storytelling in agriculture and its evolution over the past five years, highlighting it as a crucial skill for those in the field. Ellis touches on the importance of industry networking and how her upcoming trip to Australia for the programme will allow her to expand her knowledge and contribute to the industry further. 

Ellis speaks positively about the supportive work culture at Kelso where she is the Genetics Operations Manager.

"We definitely work to each other's strengths and we sure know how to have a bit of fun." 

This ethos exemplifies the balance of professionalism and camaraderie necessary for success in agricultural ventures. 

The conversation paints a picture of a young, driven individual poised for significant growth in her field, while simultaneously emphasising the broader themes of knowledge exchange, industry advancement, and the ever-important role of effective communication in the world of agriculture.

Listen to the full chat between Olivia Ellis and Dominic George above.

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