A Young Farmer's Journey From Urban Roots To Agricultural Ambitions

A Young Farmer's Journey From Urban Roots To Agricultural Ambitions

Christchurch native Angus Grant's journey to farming is not a typical one; it began with raising chickens in an urban setting and progressed to utilising vacant city land for sheep grazing after local earthquakes. 

One of the key talking points from his conversation with Dom is Grant's unorthodox entry into the agricultural world, a path marked by ingenuity and determination. 

"I got a few chickens probably because my parents were sick of me complaining about living in town and then from there that sort of grew from about eight to about 80 chickens." 

"I was only probably a toddler when I sort of became obsessed with farming." 

He further illustrates his dedication by recalling times when he would "ducked out of class, I'm told, to put escaped sheep back in all on his bike." 

Another significant point discussed is the challenge of farm ownership for someone without a family farm legacy. Grant expresses his aspirations, "That's the goal, yep," despite recognising the hurdles that lie ahead. 

He acknowledges the difficulty, especially in the current environment, but remains optimistic, saying, "It's not impossible... certainly extremely difficult, but not impossible." 

The conversation also touches upon the regulatory challenges in sheep farming and how they compare to other types of farming. 

"Being all sheep and all flat, that sort of gets rid of a lot of the regulation," contrasting his experience with those who manage cattle on slopes and face stricter regulations. 

Grant balances his agricultural pursuits with academic studies, aiming for a future that combines accounting with farming. 

"I've been really fortunate... but also, I mean there's work involved in getting these scholarships as well." 

Grant's parting advice to those interested in farming is practical and grounded.

"Probably just get out, see if you can get out on someone's farm for a start... to see if it is actually for you, if you actually like it." 

This conversation showcases Angus Grant's story as a testament to the possibility of creating a future in agriculture driven by ambition and resourcefulness, even when starting from the most urban of roots.

Listen to the full chat between Angus Grant and Dominic George above.

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