All Black Jordie Barrett On Rugby + His Move To Leinster

All Black Jordie Barrett On Rugby + His Move To Leinster

Hurricanes and All Blacks midfielder, Jordie Barrett shares his insights into the 2024 rugby season. 

He reflects on the Hurricanes' recent performance, including a critical win following a disappointing loss. Barrett acknowledges the competitive nature of the current season, noting, "I guess you don't know what sort of side's going to turn up on the weekend, so you need to prepare accordingly." This uncertainty keeps the competition tight and engaging for both players and spectators.

Barrett also speaks about the importance of rugby in the sports entertainment industry, highlighting the need to captivate fans and fill stadiums with a competitive and appealing brand of the game. 

His transfer to Leinster marks a poignant moment in his career, returning to the place where his father was a rugby hero and where his family once lived.

"It's one I can't wait to get over there and make some, I guess, new connections with and just enjoy my six to seven-month period there," Barrett said.

When reflecting on his years growing up with a large family on a farm Jordie states "All us kids are grateful for the opportunity our parents gave us.”

Looking to the future, he doesn't rule out the possibility of returning to rural life post rugby, "Yeah, potentially, obviously, if things are going well and my body stays fit and healthy, I won't have to for a little while, but yeah, for sure I definitely have plans of heading back."

Listen to the full chat between Jordie Barrett and Dominic George above.

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