Breaking Barriers In Dairy With DWN CEO Jules Benton

Breaking Barriers In Dairy With DWN CEO Jules Benton

Jules Benton, CEO of Dairy Women's Network (DWN), shares insights into the strides made by women in the dairy industry and the various initiatives led by the organisation. 

The conversation opens with a nod to the celebratory awards dinner, where Katrina Roberts and Rebecca O'Brien were honoured as the Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year and FMG Regional Leader of the Year, respectively. 

Benton describes the event as a "big night" filled with "love and humour," facilitated by MC Julia Jones, who added a warm and witty touch to the festivities. 

Beyond the celebrations, Benton delves into the DWN's business groups, a program launched in 2018 to foster the professional development of women in the dairy sector. She outlines the purpose of these groups, saying, "just sharing what's going on on farm, anything that's new for them, what's happening within the industry, what's happening from a compliance and regulation perspective." 

She emphasises the value of these small, connected groups, which allow women to engage in meaningful conversations about challenges and industry developments. The conversation highlights the success of these business groups, noting their diversity and autonomy, as Benton explains, "The umbrella is DWN business groups, but each business group is quite unique." 

The groups, typically comprising around ten members, convene monthly to discuss topics of their choice, ranging from farming developments to compliance matters. Benton praises the consistency of these meetings and their ability to bring together busy individuals from the farming community. 

The conversation also touches upon a recent summit in Auckland, where all business groups converged to exchange ideas and hear from various speakers. Benton relays the group's unanimous desire for the program's continuation, given its significant impact. 

As for future prospects, Benton mentions the upcoming calf-rearing expos and field days, hinting at DWN's continuous engagement with its partners and community events. She encourages listeners interested in starting or joining a business group to reach out to the DWN for support. 

This conversation showcases the Dairy Women's Network's commitment to empowering women and enhancing their leadership roles within the dynamic dairy industry.

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