Cultivating Connections: The Cross-Tasman Alliance Elevating Agritourism
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Cultivating Connections: The Cross-Tasman Alliance Elevating Agritourism

The budding relationship between Agritourism NZ founder, Marijke Dunselman and Allison Clark, Agritourism Tasmania Lead Innovator has sparked exciting opportunities to collaborate, share learnings, and connect farmers from Tasmania and New Zealand. The pair discuss their partnership which sprouted from a conference they both attended.

Marijke recalls, "last year I was invited to speak at the Agricultured conference in Tasmania, which had an agritourism stream in it, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience."

This event paved the way for an initiative that's now enriching the agricultural and agritourism tapestry of both areas. 

"Agricultured is a festival down here in Tasmania designed to connect people within the agricultural landscapes," Allison Clark explains.

The festival seeks to interweave agriculture with science and culture. Offering moments where visitors can connect with farmers, enjoy local music, and indulge in culinary delights featuring seasonal produce.

Allison also touches on the current agritourism climate in Tasmania, "there are so many different little microclimates and microcosms of agritourism opportunities" in Tasmania.

The island's diversity allows visitors to immerse themselves in various agritourism experiences, from farm visits to participating in a celebration in Launceston, a City of Gastronomy.

The conversation touches on the reciprocal nature of the partnership, with plans for Tasmanian operators to visit New Zealand the following year.

Marijke highlights the shared ethos between the two areas, saying, "People are very  the same sort of people as Kiwis, I think, the Tasmanians. They're very warm, you know, very down to earth people and very welcoming."

Capturing the essence of agritourism as a blend of agricultural productivity and tourism that cherishes the land and its stewards. Allison and Marijke discuss the rich understanding of the opportunities and the vibrant synergy between New Zealand and Tasmania's agritourism sectors, all while reinforcing the overarching message of cultivating connections and growing together.

Listen to the full chat between Marijke Dunselman, Allison Clark and Dominic George above.

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