Jaime Triggs Duck Hunting In NZ To Ranch Work in Canada

Jaime Triggs Duck Hunting In NZ To Ranch Work in Canada

Duck hunting season is well underway and Jaime Triggs is one person who is enjoying the thrill that it brings. She tells Dom George about the weekend she and a few others spent near McRae's Flat in the greater Otago region, although it wasn't as successful as they may have liked.

"We probably shot out more Prosecco corks than ducks," encapsulating the spirited nature of these gatherings. 

Triggs shares her background, starting from her academic days at Lincoln University, leading to her work as a station hand in Australia, and eventually, her anticipation for an upcoming adventure at a cattle ranch in Alberta, Canada.

Her narrative reflects a journey of discovery, as she describes her eagerness to immerse herself in different farming practices across the globe, saying, "just to see how others do it differently." 

She candidly shares her aspiration to shepherd in New Zealand eventually, but not before embracing the opportunities to explore and learn internationally. 

Triggs also reflects on her early interests in horses, recounting her journey from begging her parents for a horse to retraining thoroughbreds and participating in show jumping and eventing. As she looks forward to the Canadian adventure, she expresses her curiosity and enthusiasm, "I'm just going along for the adventure," while showing an eager anticipation for the Calgary Stampede and the rugged outdoors of Alberta. 

This conversation captures the essence of Triggs' adventurous spirit and her quest for knowledge in the vast expanses of the agricultural world. Her story is a testament to the joy of exploration and the connections made with people and nature along the way.

Listen to the full chat between Jaime Triggs and Dominic George above.

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