Juggling Jokes + Business Ventures With Rural Comedian Amelia Dunbar

Juggling Jokes + Business Ventures With Rural Comedian Amelia Dunbar

The multifaceted Amelia Dunbar, known for her work with The Bitches' Box comedy duo, shared her experiences intertwining humour with the essence of rural life. 

As she humorously delves into the world of farm animals, Dunbar has found a unique niche by capturing the perspective of dogs, and recently sheep, to resonate with rural communities. Her comedic ventures, in collaboration with Farm Strong and Rural Support Trust, have brought much-needed laughter to areas impacted by a cyclone, showcasing the healing power of comedy. 

During the conversation, Dunbar recounts the evolution of The Bitches' Box, reminiscing about their initial performance over a decade ago.

"We decided we'd do two bitches on heat, locked in the bitch box and what they would talk about." 

This creative spark led to their current success, as they bring relatable farm tales to life on stage. Dunbar recounts the support they've seen in their most recent tour, which has been met with enthusiasm.

"We've just had the most amazing turnouts, wonderful communities really in quite remote corners of the country...suddenly there's 140 people and it's just amazing." 

But laughter isn't her only pursuit. Dunbar's entrepreneurial spirit shines through her involvement in various ventures, including managing Balance Farm, nurturing a thriving honey business, and contributing to the Environment Awards. These endeavours display her dedication not only to comedy but also to sustainable farming and environmental conservation. 

Her artistic talent also surfaces in painting, with one of her works gracing the cover of a revamped rural publication. 

The conversation also touches upon the challenges and rewards of converting their stage show into a screenplay, hinting at a film adaptation in the works. Although the project has been partially shot, Dunbar candidly shares the struggles of fundraising, "We ended up shooting what we could with what we had...we still are looking for money to finish it at this stage." 

As she continues to juggle her passions, Dunbar leaves an inspiring message for listeners: diverse dreams can be pursued with energy and commitment, creating a fulfilling and impactful life.

Listen to the full chat between Amelia Dunbar and Dominic George above.

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