Laura Morrison On Integrating Art Into Agriculture + Bridging Urban-Rural Divide

Laura Morrison On Integrating Art Into Agriculture + Bridging Urban-Rural Divide

Federated Farmers Meat and Wool Chair for the Manawatu/Rangitikei region Laura Morrison joins Dom George to discuss some of the key issues in New Zealand's agricultural sector.

A significant point of discussion revolves around the necessity for farmers to effectively communicate their stories and the value of their work to the public to counteract misconceptions and bridge the urban-rural divide. 

Morrison touches on the integration of genetics and sustainable practices in farming, detailing her involvement with the Massey Riverside project which focuses on enhancing wool shedding genetics. 

"Our genetics are a big part of that, as the exploration continues around wool shedding genetics." 

Another innovative strategy she mentions is the incorporation of art with agriculture through an artist residency program on her farm. This initiative aims to make farming more relatable and attractive to the public.

"I wanted to link art and agriculture because an artist finds those ways of connecting to what we do and asking questions that may make it more relatable to the wider public."

The conversation also highlights the multifunctional benefits of farm stay accommodations, the importance of environmental sustainability, and the nurturing of a new generation of farmers to ensure the future resilience and success of the industry. 

Morrison advocates for proactive engagement from farmers, saying, "I don't want to be one of those farmers that's not engaging if I want to see things better, you know, for the future of our sectors." 

Listen to the full chat between Laura Morrison and Dominic George above.

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