Transforming Life's Setbacks into Valuable Comebacks: Insights from Life Coach Shane Bird
Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing

Transforming Life's Setbacks into Valuable Comebacks: Insights from Life Coach Shane Bird

7 May 2024 8:03AM

Former NZ farmer turned Life Coach, Shane Bird talks about the transformative power of reframing one’s perspective to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth. With an emphasis on learning from past experiences, no matter how negative, to create positive outcomes and reshape one’s life narrative.

Shane discusses mental reference points, illustrating this concept with a personal anecdote from his rugby days. As a teenager, Shane's initial losses on the field could have tarnished his view of the sport, but instead, he chose to learn and improve, which led to future victories and a lifelong enjoyment of rugby.

He remarks, "I could have easily looked at that and gone, 'Rugby just sucks. It just means you're losing all the time,' which would mean that would be the only reference point that I had to it." He continues, "But what I did was I carried on playing and then we improved as a team and then we started having wins."

Sharing his experiences from two failed marriages Shane also touches on how the lessons learned from those relationships contributed to the success of his current marriage.

He stresses the importance of extracting lessons from negative experiences, saying, "Any negative reference you've got, there's going to be a lesson in it somewhere... It's all about finding the lesson."

The conversation highlights  that by avoiding reflection on painful experiences, we miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow.

He cites the philosophy of reframing situations by asking, "Why is this happening for me?" rather than "Why is this happening to me?" This shift in perspective encourages finding value and lessons in difficult circumstances.

Shane also touches on his personal endeavours, including his return to rugby at age 45 and his recent marriage. Despite the physical challenges of playing a sport later in life, his determination exemplifies his message of embracing growth and pushing past limitations.

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